What We Do

The Lakota Tipi Camp hosts and guides visitors through the Pine Ridge Reservation and provides vacation services and experiences for groups up to 13 people: Individuals, couples, families, organizations, and schools.

You will be guided and taken care of by Lakota tribal members who will take you to significant places like Wounded Knee, the Badlands, the Black Hills, Lakota businesses on the reservation, and many more. There will be plenty of moments in which you will spend time with Lakota people who will share their knowledge, stories, laughs and perspectives with you. This tour will allow you to submerge yourself into the lives of modern day and traditional Lakota country.

To gain understanding of the precolonial Lakota lifestyle we will spend our evenings by the open fire learning songs and listening to old and new Lakota stories. At night you will sleep in Tipis, accompanied by the howling of the coyotes and the sounds of the skies and the lands. Guests will also join our dinners and tell you about Lakota society, culture, politics, economy, and history. A few highlights of this unique camp will be an evening with a drum group, learning to play traditional hand games, and the trip to the annual Oglala Lakota Nation Powwow. Various workshops will teach you skills leaving you with knowledge on how to do Lakota art such as beadwork, cook Lakota food, and speak Lakota.

Profits from our operation support the Lakota Waldorf School.

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