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The Lakota Tipi Camp is a place to host and guide visitors through the Pine Ridge Reservation and provide services and vacation opportunities for groups up to 13 people, for individuals, families and schools.

You will be guided and taken care of by Lakota tribal-members who will take you to historical places like Wounded Knee, Fort Robinson; the place where Crazy Horse was killed, the Badlands, Lakota businesses on the reservation and much more. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet Lakota people who will tell you about their culture, history and land. We will take the time to meet people and learn from each other. This tour will give you a deep insight into the lives of the Lakota people, their land, living conditions and into their culture and history.

The evening dinners will be spent by the open fire listening to songs and stories of the Lakota or the howling of the coyotes. We invite Lakota guests to join our dinner and tell you about culture, politics, economy and history of the Lakota people. Part of this unique experience will be an evening with a drum-group and traditional hand-games. You will learn how to bead and cook traditional Lakota foods in workshops.

Profits from our operation support the Lakota Waldorf School.

What we offer in the 2 week package:

You will be visiting:

What you need to bring:

Sleeping bag and mat, warm sweater, summer nights in the prairie can be fresh, flashlight, good hiking shoes, and a bathing suit. Respect and flexibility for another culture, an open heart to listen and last but not at least interest in Native American culture.

More Information:

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