Lakota Tipi Camp

Important Notes

In Respect of the Lakota believes and culture, the Lakota Culture Camp will not take tourists to sacred ceremonies, or sun dances. These ceremonies are sacred rituals and we are committed to honor the efforts of the Lakota people and elders to protect their spiritual heritage. We hope for your understanding and we are convinced you will have a great time.


Further we would like to inform you that alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We would like to make you aware of some photography restrictions, i.e. prohibition visitation to burial grounds and sacred sites.

And last but not least:

Your stay in the Lakota land will not only give you the opportunity to learn about the life of the Lakota people but your memories will last a lifetime. With your participation you will enhance the economy on the Reservation and you will support the Lakota people directly; through your participation you create summer-jobs and at the same time you donate to the Lakota Waldorf School.

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